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How the Employee Retention Credit Started

As a business owner You know all too Well how challenging the COVID

pandemic has been through emergency government orders businesses

have been forced to restrict or completely shut down during the pandemic

In order to try to keep the economy intact in such a challenging situation

the government has released several programs aimed at supporting those

businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic a significant program

introduced in March of 2020 was the Employee Retention Credit.

Salary and Rules

The Employee Retention Credit or ERC was designed to reward and bolster

those businesses they were able to retain their employees during the

pandemic if your business qualifies the ERC program allows for up to $26,000

per employee this means a company with 10 employees could receive up to

$260,000 in ERC funds it's important to note this program is not alone and

does not have a cap on funding although this program was released at the

same time as the PPP funding it has been poorly utilised nationwide this is

because originally it provided much less funding and restricted qualification

to few businesses this program has had several changes with the most

recent amendment being signed into law in November 2021 and is expanded

enriched and the rules for qualification have been significantly eased we

have dedicated an experienced accounting staff to helping businesses

navigate the more than 200 pages of official IRS documents on this

program to ensure they maximise the value of this credit to their business.

Register details from Govt

we've also compiled the official government orders from every state and

US territory that provides solid ground for documenting qualification we

know you probably have questions so let's address a few of the top

questions we receive one how do I know if I qualify qualification is based

on business operations that have been affected by the various

government actions taken to stop the spread of COVID 19 with Notice

2021 20 the IRS is further defined what qualifies for this credit and they

have acknowledged that supply chain disruptions which affected

business operations by more than 10% qualify for this credit according to

the US Census Bureau the majority of businesses and sectors such as

manufacturing construction and retail trade had these issues and that

these disruptions were significant and that these disruptions were

significant don't per qualify yourself we only charge anything if we find

credit for you we have rediscovered hundreds of millions of dollars for

US small businesses and we'll provide you a good idea of your

qualification in 5 minutes through our website and if we feel you have

qualifiers we'll provide a full analysis for your business free of charge 2 can't

I just claim the credit myself or use my CPA of course you can but we tend

to think if your current account new you qualified for thousands of dollars

they would have told you about it already funny part is CPAs are referring

to our business all the time because they usually don't have the expertise

to handle this and with this amount of funding available we don't believe

using your business to learn about this credit is the best idea we evaluate

each company using the IRS guidelines to maximise this credit and select

the path that provides the most certain qualification and maximum funding

we also complete the entire process in.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

just a few days and provide a full audit library to support your qualification

3 is there a money back guarantee yes if your business doesn't qualify you

won't be charged anything again we only charge a fee if you receive a

credit we work hard for you we evaluate and analyse the provided

information find the max allowable credit we can get back for you and

provide an analysis usually within 3 to 5 business days unlike the PPP

these funds don't need to be paid back and can be used for anything, don't

delay though the IRS is taking four to six months to process these returns

and as this ERC credit has become more available for businesses this

backlog may increase.

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Q 1: What is Employee Retention Tax Credits?

Ans: What is Employee Retention Tax Credits?

Yes it is absolutely safe and secure.

Q 2: ERC Business Solutions may contain some form of fraud?

Ans: Yes, many people do fraud in it, but that's why you should be aware of it.

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